Capt Mark Charters

Capt Mark Charters- Updates

Dorian Strikes-

Mark is off island when the storm hits.  Possibly a blessing in disguise.  No way to get back to do anything.  As reported earlier, his house is destroyed.  His boats and equipment stored there are either destroyed or severely damaged. His two daughters and two grandchildren are forced to flee to Nassau with just the clothes on their backs.  There are no jobs or income for them there.  Mark is now their sole source of support for the forseeable future.

Adding insult to injury, vandals ravage his property, cut crude access holes in his boats and steal the gas in the tanks. There is no one to protect life and property.  Friends organized a GoFundMe campaign to provide some help (Mark would never ask for himself).

Capt Mark Charters

October 1, 2019-

We wanted to pass on to you the news from Capt. Mark as we receive it. Sadly, he has been unable to get back home to begin dealing with this catastrophe.  And it may be several weeks before he can do so. That in itself is another chapter and challenge.

He is just now learning of the true extent of his damages. This, as friends relay bits of information and a few photos.  And we wanted to share that very bad news with you.

Many of you have stayed at his Capt Mark’s Bungalow.  This lovely property is located just off the beach past the traffic circle.  It was beautifully decorated and appointed. Both an apartment and a rental flat.  We have stayed there, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The building and all contents have been destroyed beyond imagination by Hurricane Dorian.  I have a 30 year background in residential construction, and would have no idea where to begin. Just removal of the debris is a daunting and expensive start, and it is staggering.  We have attached some pictures that will help you understand.

October 20, 2019-

Mark has still been unable to return home due to a serious personal issue.  During his absence, things have only gotten worse with his properties and boats.  The most grievous is the continuing damage and unchecked vandalism to his boats.  

During the storm, all of his boats sustained major damage.  Boats came off their secured trailers, were hull damaged by the ground contact, then were further damaged by flying debris.  Engines suffered bent propellers and potential drive shaft damages, in addition to crushed cowlings and severed control cables.  All electronic instruments, covers, antennae and fishing gear are lost.  Damages to the very expensive engine control computers are likely.

Then come the vandals.  They first steal anything that has value on the boats and motors.  Anything that they can tear loose and carry away. This is bad enough, but by tearing off mechanical parts with crowbars, heavy hammers and the like, they leave damages that can not be repaired.

And to cap off the vandalism, they cut holes in the hulls to get at the fuel tanks and the gasoline inside.  Thus creating monumantal damage to the craft which has no easy repair.

There is no police or government protection.  The theft and destruction continue unabated.

Again, we have attached some pictures to help you understand the breadth and depth of this tragedy.  The hole in the picture on the right was cut in a fuel tank by vandals SIMPLY TO STEAL A FEW GALLONS OF GASOLINE.......

Treasure Cay, Abaco, Bahamas